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  • Gemstone evaluation
  • How to establish a value
  • Fees

Gemstone evaluation

  • Gem testing, identification of origin and enhancements
  • Grading of polished diamonds
  • Evaluation of diamonds, coloured gemstones, pearls and jewellery

The DeGEB, established 1978, is a worldwide well known organisation for correct and objective evaluations of Gemstones, Diamonds and Jewellery.

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How to establish a value

a) Diamonds and Colored Gemstones

  1. Fix exact weight and size
  2. Gemmological examination by appropriate fellow DEL institutions
  3. Establish colour grade, clarity with the aid of a standardized light source, a master set of Diamonds, loupe and microscope
  4. Establish quality of cut, as well as proportions by proportion scope


b) Metal

  1. Find out the nature of the metal
  2. Establish alloy
  3. Examination of technique, design and execution of the work
  4. Calculation of the time necessary to produce the piece

Evaluation procedure

Based on the above technical data as fundamental information the experts define their individual evaluation. Next comes a discussion amongst these experts to achieve a final result, taking also into consideration criteria like market situation, rarity and additional specific features.


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Please see chart enclosed to this brochure.
The determined value is a value for replacement based on a retail selling price including german VAT (+/- 10 %) by the time of the evaluation.
The costs for gemmological diagnostics arising by the DEL laboratories, if necessary, will be added.
The fees are excluding shipping and insurance cost as well as statutory german VAT.
The shipping is COD.

* In case of larger volume valuation-orders, the resulting cost can be agreed on individually (depending on the specific order) with mutual consent.

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